Spare Invertebrates

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Dec 3 16:43:05 CST 1992

        Although perhaps not entirely on the subject matter of this list
serve, I would like to know if someone knows of a collection interested in
miscellaneous invertebrates.  On fairly regular occasions,  the fish
collection here has crayfish, leaches, molluscs, etc mixed in with fishes.
The specimens have been preserved in formalin and transferred to isopropyl
alcohol (50%).  For the most part they have good data.  The majority of the
specimens are from eastern North America, but not all.

What I would like to do is set up a system whereby shipments could be made
on something like an annual basis.  By the way, there is no one here to do
ID's so it would not be possible to identify the material before shipping.
So if you are interested or know of someone please drop me a line.


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