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Scanned from Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 72
(September 1992) 22--23.

International Organization for Plant Information

The Checklist Committee met in Leiden on 15 and 16 June and prepared
a Draft Project Plan as well as making progress on several issues, in
particular the Taxonomic Resources Network. The Royal Botanic
Gardens, Kew, has set up a Co- ordinating Centre for the Checklist,
headed by Dr David Hunt.

The next meeting of the Organization will be held in Xalapa, Mexico,
from 3 to 5 November 1992, immediately preceding the next meeting in
the same city of the International Working Group on Taxonomic
Databases for Plant Sciences (TDWG). All or IOPI's Working Groups as
well as the Council and Checklist Committee, will hold meetings
there, prior to a Plenary Meeting and General Meeting. RegisTration
is $US 100. Anyone or any institution wanting rurther information, or
wishing to apply for membership, should conlact the Secretary:-

    Alex George,
    Australian Biological Resources Sludy,
    C.P.O. Box 636,
    Canberra, A.C.T. 2601
    Fax (06) 2509448
    Phone (06) 2509440.

Alex George
Flora Of Australia

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