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Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Wed Dec 30 08:10:04 CST 1992

Greetings all!

I will shortly be posting several documents from a variety of sources
( newsletter articles, journal articles and the like ) about the
activities of TDWG and IOPI.

These articles have already been posted to those on the TDWG and IOPI
mail listserver and are stored on the TDWG and IOPI ftp archive
( ).  If you wish to be included on the TDWG/IOPI mail
lists, please send a short message with your name, address, etc. to
David Green ( at ).  These documents will also be
archived on the usual Taxacom listserv and ftp archives and will be
available under taxacom on the Harvard biodiversity gopher.  The TDWG
and IOPI listserver and ftp site at the ANU will shortly be availble
through gopher.

For those who have already received this information I apologize for
the cross-posting but we wish to reach as wide an audience as possible
to encourage membership and participation of TDWG and IOPI as a means of
disseminating information about plants.

Most of these articles were reports extracted from the Australian
Systematic Botany Society Newsletter.  They were written to inform the
Australian botanical community but are of more general interest.  ( The
Australian Systematic Botany Society encourages international membership
- anyone interested in the Australian Flora.  Subscription is $25 p.a.
which covers the cost of a quality quarterly newsletter - contact Mike
Crisp at mike.crisp at ).

There are no doubt numerous other TDWG and IOPI reports written for
other newsletters (or purposes) that we have not seen.  Please post them
to the taxacom server (or directly to me) so that all can hear what is
going on, and the articles can be archived on the net, building a more
complete picture of the activities of these organizations.

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