information model for biological collections (fwd)

Jim Beach beach at HUH.HARVARD.EDU
Sat Nov 7 16:06:19 CST 1992

> E-mail from 4 Sept 92 indicated that a working draft of an information model
>  would be available for comment by October 92.  I checked the FTP server at
>  Harvard.  Have I missed the model?
> Gary Shugart
> Slater Museum of Natural History
> University of Puget Sound

The draft information model is being completed by Janet Gomon and Stan Blum
at the Smithsonian.  It has been circulated among the ASC Committee members
for comment.  Janet and Stan feel that it would be difficult to distribute
in its current form, until they have received more committee feedback and
have had more time to flesh out the descriptive test.


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