A new British 'Taxacom'

Mon Nov 2 12:24:00 CST 1992

Dear all

Im sending this message to inform you of the creation of a UK based plant
taxonomy email list. It is being run from the UK Mailbase server (modelled on
the US Listserv).

in order to join the ranks of this mailing list

send an email to

mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase
(or mailbase at mailbase.ac.uk from the Internet)

containing the following

JOIN PLANT-TAXONOMY Firstname Lastname

You should then receive a load of bumf, detailing how to use Mailbase, and its
online service. The more
 Plant taxonomists we can get onto this list the
better the quality of the discussions. Hopefully any ILDIS members who have
access to the net will join and will make passing messages and ideas around
much quicker.

                    User Commands Reference Card      June 1992

Copyright the JNT Networked Information Services Project, 1992 The Computing
Service, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

This is the on-line version of the referenc
e card - a formatted copy may be
obtained from NISP: send your e-mail request to
                mailbase-helpline at uk.ac.mailbase

If you are not the type of person to plough through a lengthy document and
just want to get started, this card may provide you with all the information
you need. If you require a comprehensive introduction to Mailbase you may
retrieve the User's Guide by sending the following command in an e-mail
message to mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase
                 send mailbase

                      Welcome to Mailbase

Mailbase  is an electronic information service which allows UK groups to
manage their own discussion topics (Mailbase lists) and associated files.

The Mailbase service is run as part of the JANET Networked Information
Services Project (NISP) based at Newcastle University. If you are new to
Mailbase you may find it useful to read through some other Mailbase documents.

Other documents

For a
list of on-line documentation about Mailbase, send  the following
command in an e-mail message to:
        mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase

           index mailbase

You can then use the "send" command to retrieve those documents that interest

Support  from Mailbase

The "help" command returns a brief list of the current Mailbase commands. If
"command" is used then a more detailed description is given.

Example:     help review
Will return information on the command review.

If you h
ave problems with Mailbase first  contact your List Owner for help:
the address is:

               listname-request at uk.ac.mailbase
where listname is the name of your chosen list.

For example to contact the List Owner for the list chest-dtp, the address
would be:
          chest-dtp-request at uk.ac.mailbase

If you are still having difficulty send an e-mail message to:
               mailbase-helpline at uk.ac.mailbase

explaining the problem - we will do our best to help.

           Sending Mailbase Commands

This card provides a summary of the commands needed to use a Mailbase
discussion list.

Commands should be sent as an electronic mail message to:
             mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase

More than one command may appear in a message to Mailbase; They may be in any
order, in UPPER, lower, or MiXeD case. If you normally terminate your e-mail
messages with a signature, please use stop after the final command sent
mailbase. As an example, if you wish to join an open list, then depending upon
the type of mail system your mail message should look similar to the

|   mail message                                                           |
|                                                                          |
|  To:            mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase                                  |
|  Subject:          test    (you may leave this blank)                    |
|                                                                          |
|  Text of message:     join eng-lit Cliff Spencer                         |
|                                                                          |

To check if there are any files associated with a particular list sen
d an
index command.

|   mail message                                                           |
|                                                                          |
|  To:            mailbase at uk.ac.mailbase                                  |
|                                                                          |
|  Subject:          test    (you may leave this blank)                    |
|  Text of message:    index eng-lit                                       |
|                                                                          |

To contribute to a list, for example English Literature.

|   mail message                                                           |
|  To:               eng-lit at uk.ac.mailbase                                |
|                                                                          |
|  Subject:          romantic poetry                                       |
|                                                                          |
|  Text of message:    A recent study has shown that...                    |

                      Quick Reference

Braces { and } enclose alternative items, one of which must be given.
Square brackets [ and ] enclose optional items.
A vertical bar | means or.
Items in angle brackets <> are to be replaced appropriately.

Please note that lists quoted in the examples on this card are fictitious.

help   [command]

index  [listname]

join  <listname> <firstname> <lastname>

leave {<listname> | all}

line limit <number>

list me

lists [full]

resume mail  {<listname> | all }

review  <listname>

send  <listname> <filename>

statistics  [commands | lists | <listname>]


suspend mail  {<listname> | all }

User Commands

Joining and leaving a list

Use the "join" command to add your name to a Mailbase list

:          join fluid-dynamics George Stevens
Synonym:          subscribe

You will begin to receive messages from the list(s) you have joined - if you
wish to make a contribution send your message(s) to the list address. You can
see an example in the section Sending Mailbase Commands.

"Leave" will remove your name from a specified Mailbase list, or, if the all
option is used, from all those lists where your membership address corresponds
to your current mail address.

Example:          le
ave read-digest
Synonym:          unsubscribe

Use "suspend mail" to temporarily suspend mail from a specified list, or from
every list if the all option is used. You will still remain a list member and
may continue to receive mail by issuing a resume mail command.

Example:     suspend mail cti-humgrad

"resume mail" will restore mail from a chosen list, or from all (joined) lists
if the all option is used.

Example:     resume mail cti-humgrad

Checking your membership

"list me" show
s which lists you are member of, and whether you are a List
Owner or Moderator.

Synonym:     listme

Retrieving files

Use the "index" command to obtain a record of those lists which have related
files. If you include a listname then the names of files specific to that list
are returned.

Example:     index romantic-poets

send retrieves files via electronic mail (see index command). Large files are
automatically broken down into several messages each 1000 lines long.

Example:     s
end mac-users dtp-review
Synonym:     get, send me

You may set your own file size, up to a maximum of 5,000 lines,  by using the
"line limit" command. If required it should precede a send command. The
minimum line limit value is 1000.

Example:     line limit 2000
Synonym:     line-limit

List information

"lists" returns a list of all the current Mailbase lists. The full option adds
short descriptions provided by List Owners.

Example:     lists full

Use review to obtain details of
the members of a Mailbase list, and a brief
description of the purpose of that list.

Example:     review lib-cdroms

Mailbase statistics

Use statistics to obtain data on a specific Mailbase list if the listname
option is given, or on all lists if the lists option is chosen. With the
commands option, statistics on Mailbase commands are shown. If no options are
given, statistics on both commands and lists are returned.

Example:     statistics chest-uniras



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