Bishop Museum on-line

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Tue Nov 24 17:55:47 CST 1992

     Bishop Museum has recently connected its campus computer
network to Internet, the international computer network.  This
allows full access to electronic mail, interactive communications,
and file transfer.  The host name is
     On January 15, 1992, the Museum Library and Archives
catalogs will be available as part of the University of Hawaii
Library's UHCARL system.  The combined records will be more than
30,000 to start, with active retrospective cataloging programs
underway.  These catalogs may be reached on Internet (telnet or or via some library
catalog networks (e.g., CARL, MELVYL).
     Email addresses for some staff members include:
Allison, Allen         allison at
Evenhuis, Neal         neale at
Howarth, Frank         fhowarth at
Miller, Scott          scottm at
Nishida, Gordon        gordo at
Norris, Fiona          fnorris at
Polhemus, Dan          bugman at
Samuelson, G. Allan    alsam at
Staples, George        gstaples at
Swift, Sabina          swift at
Pacific Science Assoc. psa at
     These activities are made possible by funding from the
National Science Foundation, Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts
Program, and Hawaii Bishop Research Institute, in cooperation
with the University of Hawaii.

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