Taxacom Mailing List News

Jim Beach beach at HUH.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Nov 2 08:54:51 CST 1992

The Taxacom mailing list for Systematic Biology has moved from Michigan
State University to the Harvard University BITNET host 'Harvarda'.

The Taxacomt and Taxacoma mailing lists have been combined into a single

	Taxacom at harvarda               (the BITNET Address)
	Taxacom at   (the Internet Address)

Subscribers to the old TaxacomT and TaxacomA mailing lists have been
transferred to the single new list at Harvard.  The Michigan State lists,
active since February 9, 1990 have been decommissioned.

The emphasis of the new Taxacom at harvarda mailing list will continue to be on
technical aspects of collections computerization, network access issues, and
on software for systematics research.


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