need info on taxacom ftp

Giovanni Resta resta at IEI.PI.CNR.IT
Tue Nov 24 13:44:35 CST 1992

Hi, I'm a botany addict computer scientist.
Some time ago I linked myself to the taxacom ftp site
(i.e. ==
There, in directory /pub/standards/ncu-iapt/angiosperm... ,
I have found an interesting big list of plant names
(Names in Common Use)
broken into 14 files, namely ncu1.txt -> ncu14.txt
(I think that the taxonomists know what I'm talking about)

Few days ago I've tried again to download these files,
since I've lost in a hard disk crash my previous copy,
but ncu13.txt and ncu14.txt are now missing from the directory.

Does anybody know why these two files disappeared ?
And, apart from that, how much trustworthy are the information
contained in these ncu*.txt files ?

(Today and yesterday I fail to connect to the ftp site,
[net problems ?]
so if the missing files are now returned at home
don't blame me too much.)

Thank you all,
Giovanni Resta  ==  resta at
via S. Maria 46
56126 Pisa

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