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Sun Aug 15 12:13:42 CDT 1993


A new journal on the zoology and palaeontology of corals and
related groups

This new journal is scheduled to be launched in late 1993 or
early 1994.  The publisher  HANNES LOSER will be cooperating
with  a  number  of  colleagues  who  have  indicated  their
willingness to  review and  edit articles in languages other
than  German.  The  Coral  Research  Bulletin  is  primarily
intented to  carry  articles  of  some  length,  but  issues
containing  a   collection  of   smaller  papers   are  also

Manuscripts will  be accepted  in English, French or German.
Any papers  submitted for  publication  should  be  original
works  of   high  quality  and  reflect  an  unorthodox  and
progressive line  of research.  Results which  have  already
been  -  or  are  being  -  published  elsewhere  cannot  be
published in  the C.R.B.  This does  not apply  to  strongly
condensed abstracts, which we could publish in full.

Articles intended  for publication  should be made available
as ASCII  texts or preferably as MS WORD texts on a disk for
IBM/AT compatible  computers. The files must not contain any
formatting (underlined,  bold, italics), unless style sheets
are used,  which can be supplied on a disk by the publisher.
All  formatted  texts  should  be  accompanied  by  a  paper
printout of about 30 x 21 cm size.

A  detailed  abstract  in  German,  English  and  French  is
required; an  abstract in  the author`s own language (if any
other  than   these  three)   is  additionally  recommended.
Scannable  black-and-white   drawings  are   preferred   for
illustrations. Photo  plates must  be of first-class quality
with strong  contrasts,  properly  mounted  and  should  not
exceed 170  x 260 mm in size. Please avoid designations such
as "Plate  1" or  "Planche XIV". There are no limitations as
regards the  number of  plates per  volume, because they are
read in  using a  high-performance scanner  and  transferred
directly onto paper (rather than being produced with the aid
of etched  printing plates).   With a DocuPublisher used for
both text and plates, production costs will be minimized.

Financial contributions will only be required in exceptional
cases. We  pay no  fees. The  number  of  separate  reprints
depends on  any additional  expenses that may be involved in
their production  and on the total number of copies produced
and sold.  Separate reprints  can be  obtained by authors at
reduced prices.

Please note:  Manuscripts should  not  be  sent  in  without
previous   consultation.    The   publisher    accepts    no
responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts.

Hannes Loser, PF 192409, D-01282 Dresden, Germany

C.R.B. Info 1/93

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