New release of DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Mon Aug 9 10:13:43 CDT 1993

New versions of the DELTA programs for MS-DOS are now available on the
following Internet hosts.        (directory: /pub/software/delta/msdos)        (directory: /pub/biodiversity/delta/msdos)   (directory: /delta/msdos)
Access is by anonymous ftp from any of these hosts, or by Gopher from the first

The Internet distribution package consists of text files *.1st and
self-expanding files *.exe. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files, changes.1st contains the revision history of the
programs, and delta.1st describes the procedure for installing the programs on
an MS-DOS computer. The files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the
ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in the error message
`HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

Place the files in the directory C:\DELTA on your MS-DOS computer. Then follow
the installation procedure described in delta.1st, but omit the XCOPY command.

The date of this release is 26 July 1993. The changes from the previous
release (28 May 1993) are as follows.


23 July 1993. A version of ENTITEM with German `help' is now available,
invoked by ENTITEMD. The translation was done by H. G. Richter, Institut fu"r
Holzbiologie und Holzschutz, Leuschnerstrasse 91, 2050 Hamburg 80, Germany.
Phone +49 40 739 62 276. Fax +49 40 739 62 480.


Version 2.09, 26 July 1993. Syntax checking of extreme values (in numeric
attributes) was improved. An input tab character is now converted to a single
blank. Bugs were fixed in OMIT COMMENTS and PRINT CHARACTERS (for translation
into KEY format). An out-of-order directive now causes immediate termination.


Version 2.07, 15 July 1993. A check was added to ensure that files processed
by REFORMAT start with a star.


23 July 1993. A `tidy' option was added (to check and reformat the item). The
`help' was improved.


Version 3.06, 15 July 1993. Bugs in displaying help text and long headings
were fixed. Processing of function keys was improved (note that {cr} is no
longer automatically appended). The French help file was updated.


Version 2.03, 5 July 1993. The command-line /ex is now executed before the
command-line /box (allowing the passing of parameters to the box program).
Case conversion was implemented for the extended character set. The following
bugs were fixed: creation of .BAK files for directories; incorrect entries in
the journal file when using arrow keys.


Version 2.03, 21 July 1993. The maximum length of input lines was increased to
256 characters. 'Allowed values' are no longer applied when tabs are set (this
avoids double rounding). The positioning of Roman page numbers was corrected.
Automatic paper-tray selection and /A3, /MANUAL, and /TRAY options were added
for Postscript printers. (If the automatic tray selection is wrong, the /TRAY
option can be used to override it.)

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