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Scott Heald sheald at MOOSE.UVM.EDU
Fri Dec 10 17:14:31 CST 1993

Greetings tropical ecologists and conservationists,
        I am a recent graduate of The University of Vermont, with a BS in
Forest Biology. My research experience includes canopy structural analysis
of a mixed-hardwood forest in Vermont and two courses in Costa Rica on
ecology and systematics. I am proficient in Spanish and an eager worker.
        I am looking for a 2-3 year position as a research assistant in
exchange for rich experiences and my room and board! If even minimal
funding is not available, I would like to talk to you about designing a
research project and applying for funding. I will be available to start
work 15 February 1994.
        Please refer to my appended resume. I appreciate your consideration,
                                        Scott V Heald   sheald at

                       SCOTT VINSON HEALD

Current Address                         Permanent Address
15 Pitkin Street                        50 Laurens Street
Burlington, VT 05401 USA                Charleston, SC 29401 USA
802-862-6727                            803-723-3898

IMMEDIATE      I seek practical experience as a field assistant in
OBJECTIVES:    the fields of tropical canopy ecology, systematics,
               or ethnobotany. After two to three years of
               employment, I plan to enter graduate school.

CAREER GOALS:  I expect to work in the forest ecology research and
               conservation field. I may focus on tropical forests
               or the mixed mesophytic forests of the southeastern
               United States.

PERTINENT      Intensive exposure to research design, population
SKILLS:        sampling, statistical analyses, plant systematics,
               forest management and ecology, population genetics,
               Spanish, topographic surveying, gender and race
               issues in NR management, and technical climbing.

COMPETITIVE    Canopy research: Characterizing canopy structure and
GRANTS         ozone gradients in a mixed hardwood forest in
RECEIVED:      Vermont. Six month independent project funded with
               a $2,500 award by the Andrew Mellon Foundation.
               Summer, 1992.

RESEARCH       Canopy research: Characterizing canopy structure and
EXPERIENCE:    ozone gradients in a mixed hardwood forest in
               Vermont. Techniques for assessing leaf area index
               involved use of the Sunfleck Ceptometer and LiCor
               LAI-2000. Foliage density evaluation involved line-
               of-sight interception, hemispheric photography, and
               limited technical climbing. Experience with
               formulating sampling technique, photograph
               digitization and computer analysis. Supervisor: Dr.
               Tim Scherbatskoy. Summer, 1992.

               Tropical epiphyte project: Changes in family
               composition of epiphyte communities with increased
               host size in a Monteverde cloud forest.
               Independently formulated and conducted this one
               week study project. Inventoried four families of
               epiphytes growing on the first two meters of
               trunks, analysis by chi-square and Spearman Rank
               correlation tests. Monteverde, Costa Rica. Supervisor:
               Dr. Molly Morris. August, 1991.

SCHOLASTIC     Mortar Board National Honor Society, Golden Key
AWARDS:        National Honor Society, Who's Who Among American
               College Students 1993.

EDUCATION:     Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Biology. The
               University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont.
               Graduated: May, 1993.

               Summer program. The School for Field Studies,
               Beverly, Massachusetts. Four week tropical cloud
               forest ecology program in Monteverde Cloud Forest
               Reserve and Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica.
               Course included lectures on tropical and marine
               ecology, population sampling, and statistical
               analyses; field experience involved plant and
               insect identification and research methods, 1991.

               Undergraduate study. The University of New Mexico,
               Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jan., 1990 - May, 1990.

               Undergraduate study. The University of St. Andrews,
               St. Andrews, Scotland. Oct., 1988 - June, 1989.

               Secondary school. Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter,
               New Hampshire. Graduated with Honors: June, 1988.

EMPLOYMENT:    Laboratory assistant: The University of Vermont.
               Soil and foliage analyses. Sept. - present, 1993.

               Teaching assistant: The University of Vermont. TA
               for Ecological Aspects of Natural Resource
               Conservation. Sept. - Dec., 1992.

               Tutor: The University of Vermont. Tutor for
               Biostatistics, Ecological Aspects of Natural
               Resource Conservation, Measurement and Mapping,
               Dendrology, and American Wilderness. Sept., 1991 -

               Laboratory assistant: Cold Spring Harbor
               Laboratories, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Corn
               genetics: DNA isolation and preparation, gel
               electrophoresis, and radioactive tagging.
               Supervisor: Dr. Steve Briggs. Aug. - Nov., 1989;
               June - Aug., 1988.

REFERENCES:    References available upon request from:

  Dr. Tim Scherbatskoy             Dr. John Donnelly
  The School of Natural Resources  The School of Natural Resources
  The University of Vermont        The University of Vermont
  Burlington, VT 05403 USA         Burlington, VT 05403 USA

  Dr. Molly Morris                 Dr. Steve Briggs
  Department of Zoology            Pioneer Hybrid International
  The University of Texas          7250 NW 62nd Avenue
  Austin, Texas 78712 USA          Johnston, IA 50131 USA

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