New release of DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Tue Dec 21 12:49:15 CST 1993

New versions of the DELTA programs for MS-DOS are now available by gopher or
anonymous ftp from the following Internet hosts.        (directory: /pub/software/delta/msdos)        (directory: /pub/biodiversity/delta/msdos)   (directory: /delta/msdos)

The Internet distribution package consists of text files *.1st and
self-expanding files *.exe. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files, changes.1st contains the revision history of the
programs, and delta.1st describes the procedure for installing the programs on
an MS-DOS computer. The files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the
ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in the error message
`HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

Place the files in the directory C:\DELTA on your MS-DOS computer. Then follow
the installation procedure described in delta.1st, but omit the XCOPY command.

The date of this release is 17 December 1993. The changes from the previous
release (18 November 1993) are as follows.


Version 2.11, 15 December 1993. Bugs in the operation of the PAGE LENGTH
directive were fixed.


Version 2.03, 13 December 1993. A bug which sometimes caused the program to
try to read past the end of the directives file was fixed.


Version 3.10, 15 December 1993. The following bugs were fixed. Duplicate taxon
names were not always detected. Memory was not released after using text
characters with SET MATCH EXACT. Taxa for the 7th taxon keyword were not
displayed in the second-level menu.


Version 2.07, 17 December 1993. A warning is now given if characters are
repeated in a CHARACTER RELIABILITIES directive.


Version 2.01, 17 December 1993. Internal changes for SunOS compatibility.


Version 2.05, 14 December 1993. A bug affecting the position of columns on
rotated pages was fixed.

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