Index Kewensis CD-ROM

Wed Dec 22 12:00:19 CST 1993

> On Wed, 22 Dec 1993, Leonard Krishtalka wrote:
> >         I am canvassing the botanical community for an evaluation of the
> > strengths and weaknesses of the electronic Index Kewensis, and whether users
> > have found the $1500 investment to have been worthwhile.
> Index Kewensis should be made accessible on a gopher, the same
> way the Gray Herbarium Index is. Even if $1,500 investment were
> worthwhile, many botanists with their lean budgets would not be
> able to buy it.
> Adolf Ceska
Amen to this!  After all, this is what Gopher and the Internet are
for: provide access to information that would otherwise not be
available because of our "lean budgets."

Thomas K. Wilson
Dept. of Botany
Miami University             ! Miami was a University before Florida
Oxford OH 45056              !   was a state !

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