abuse of taxonomy/kitchen w

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Fri Dec 10 10:14:57 CST 1993

Time:10:06 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          abuse of taxonomy/kitchen ware
Just a small point to add to this esteemed debate.  I noticed that
'The Yank', Julian Humphries, who pointed out that the 'Aussie', Jim
Croft, did not consider scaling the fish before utilising the
indespensible Hewlett Packart kitchen accessary, had in fact not
scaled his.  I thought it would be an act of international
friendship, especially considering the current political atmosphere,
to suggest that Julian Humphries check those air vents.

Happy identifing (and cooking)

Marco Duretto.

PS out of curiosity with the regard to lots of waffle on TAXACOM -
did you ask fish authorities to identify the fish before you tried
this avenue.

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