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Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Fri Dec 10 11:33:02 CST 1993

                                                               10 December 1993

>Can somebody recommend a good shareware GIF image viewer for DOS computers?
>Paulo A. Buckup

MS-DOS graphics shareware that I have found useful is available by gopher or
anonymous ftp from the following.       (directory: /pub/software/delta/graphics)       (directory: /pub/biodiversity/delta/graphics)  (directory: /delta/graphics)

Here is the index to the graphics directory.

Graphics software for the IBM PC.

images.txt    An introduction to computer images.
alch151 at .exe  Image Alchemy. Shareware program for format conversion,
                colour reduction, and scaling of bitmap images.
cgif at .exe     CGIF. Demo and order form for fast GIF decoding subroutines.
gifd41 at .exe   GIFDESK. Free program for displaying several GIF files
grab394 at .exe  GRABBER. Shareware program for capturing screens (text and
                SVGA graphics) to files.
pl191 at .exe    PICLAB. Free program for processing bitmap images.
vpic51 at .exe   VPIC. Shareware program for viewing image files in several
res*.gif      Files for testing displays for resolution and distortion.
sample.jpg    Sample JPEG file supplied with Image Alchemy.

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