Source code for reading DELTA files: A summary

maurobio at AX.APC.ORG maurobio at AX.APC.ORG
Wed Dec 22 14:19:54 CST 1993

Dear Colleagues,

I became very impressed with the great interest raised by my request on
information concerning source code for reading/writing DELTA format files.
Apparently, several people were also in need of this, even if that need
was not made explicit.

Well, here what I got up to now:-

Rick Crust, from Univerity of Zimbabwe (rcrust at wrote:-

>I have got some source code in C/C++, which I am developing as the
>back end of a DELTA editor.
>Whether it would be useful to you depends on what you wanted to use
>it for.

Joe Kirkbride, from USDA (jkirkbride at wrote:-

>In January of 1993, a student, Jason Nunn, in Business
>Administration at the Northern Territory University, Darwin,
>Northern Territory, Australia, was looking for beta testers for a
>software program called MONTANUS.  I volunteered, and he sent me
>version 1.2B of the program.  It was designed to be a replacement
>for Dallwitz's INTKEY program.  It did something interesting
>things, but it was very slow at converting data from DELTA format
>to MONTANUS format and did not work on monochrome monitors.

>The last message that I got from Jason Nunn was 22 Mar 1993.  He
>was graduating from university and was not going to be working
>further on MONTANUS.  The last version of MONTANUS was 1.31, and
>it was released on 18 February 1993.  The program was written in
>PASCAL.  The complied program, user manual, technical
>documentation, and source code were available at that time on
> in the directory /pub/delta/montanus.  This is
>the only available source code, that I know of, for reading DELTA

I was aware of Nunn's software at that time, but have not been able to
get a copy (and he did not mention the availability of source code, that
is just what interest me!). I am trying to get now a copy of that at the
FTP site pointed out by Joe; if someone else be successful, please let me
know (since I have a got of trouble at our site in getting files via FTP).

And let us not forget:-

                    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR
 (especialmente para voce, que esta' longe de casa, caro amigo Buckup!)

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