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Sat Dec 25 17:02:08 CST 1993

I`ve been experiencing some problems to obtain a copy of the papers
cited below. I`m in the middle of a paper and the references cited are
of great value to me. As I`ve failed in my search  here in BR and I`m
pressed for time, then I kindly ask if anyone, who has a copy of them,
to help me in this way. If any colleague in the list have them in its
personal files and can supply me with a copy, please inform me about costs
with copies + mail and I`ll send in advance.

    Thanks for your help in advance and my wishes of a

           VERY HAPPY 1994!!!!!!!

Sylvester-Bradley, P.C. 1951. The subspecies in palaeontology.
Geological Magazine, 88: 88-102.

Hass, O. & Simpson. G.G. 1946. Analysis of some phylogenetic terms, with
attempts at redefinition. Americ. Philos. Soc., Proc., 90: 319-349.

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