Request for TRIFOLIUM

Wed Dec 1 10:28:29 CST 1993

My main area of research at present centers on the taxonomy of New
World clovers (TRIFOLIUM; Leguminosae).  I am studying the
distributions and status of the 7 eastern US native species: T.
bejariense, T. calcaricum, T. carolinianum, T. polymorphum
(amphianthum), T. reflexum, T. stoloniferum, and T. virginicum.  I am
writing a monograph of section INVOLUCRARIUM of TRIFOLIUM.  I am
studying a species complex which extends from southwestern US through
central America into South America which I call the T. amabile
complex.  I am also writing a treatment of the genus in Mexico, and
the Flora of Chile treatment.

I request specimens of the genus TRIFOLIUM from anyone having
material available for distribution.  I am interested in building our
herbarium holdings of the genus worldwide, but most especially for
the New World.  I would be willing to exchange specimens for new
collections, or receive specimens as gifts for determination.

I would also like seeds of any taxa, worldwide, for my seed bank, and
for material to be used for DNA analyses, allozyme studies, and
morphological studies.

If you are able or interested in providing materials, please feel
free to contact me or send specimens or seeds.

Thank you very much.


Michael A. Vincent, Ph.D.
Curator, Herbarium MU
Department of Botany
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio 45056 USA
Tel.: 513-529-2755
FAX 513-529-4243
Email: Vincentm at

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