abuse of taxacom?

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Dec 9 17:38:36 CST 1993

>> P.S.  We can not identify the fish and want to know how did you
>> >clean your scanner?  Also, is the fish scanned at life size
>> >(needs a scalebar perhaps?).
>> >
>> Well, since it was only alchohol, I just used Kimwipes to clean the glass
>> after scanning the fish.
Jim Croft replies:

>I have found the Hewlett Packard flatbed scanner indespensible for
>the preparation of fish - my kitchen has never been the same since I
>had one installed.  One drawback is that the scales tend to get stuck in
>the ventillation slots, and another is that this hardware seems to
>incompatible with the microwave and especially with the dishwasher.

Ah, the old scales in the ventilation slot problem.  Its not surprising
that an Aussie wouldn't have seen the obvious solution to this.  In most
parts of the world we de-scale our fish before trying to prepare them in
the kitchen.

The hardware incompatability is no doubt because of the lack of Open
Architecture solution for the scanner/dishwasher/microwave industry.  Of
course if they all just adopted Windows, I bet they would work together.


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