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melissa.winans at UTXVM.CC.UTEXAS.EDU melissa.winans at UTXVM.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Dec 13 09:52:00 CST 1993

Many thanks to all who answered my query.  I think that I must not have
phrased the question very clearly, because I got a lot of answers advocating
Paradox, dBase, Rbase, and various other commercial database management
packages.  So let me try again.

I know about Paradox, dBase, etc.  I use them myself.  If I were able to go
down to Argentina and set up my colleague's system myself, some sort of
package is exactly what I would use.  However, I do not see a trip to
Argentina in my future, and as far as I can tell my Argentinian colleague has
no local computer expert.  So what he needs is a system in which all of the
field definitions, lookup tables, formatting procedures, etc. have already
been created, so that he can copy it onto his hard disk and use it with a
(theoretical) minimum of setup and programming.

So far, there seem to be two possibilities: 1) MUSE, suggested by Leonard
Krishtalka and Mark Stowe; 2) advise my Argentinian colleague to buy dBase and
then send him a copy of my database definitions and so forth for the Univ.
Texas Vert. Paleo. catalogues.  If anyone knows of some third alternative, I
would be interested to hear of it, so that I can make my advice to him as
complete as possible.

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