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via autoanswer rrobbins at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Thu Feb 4 01:57:23 CST 1993

I will be away from the office until Monday, 15 February.  Your mail
regarding "     Australian Media Release - Centre for Plant Biodiversity
 Research" will be read when I return.

If you have a pressing need to contact me or someone at the Laboratory
or the Genome Data Base, call the telephone number given below and
leave a message.

This message is being sent via an auto-answer system in my absence.


Robert J. Robbins, Director
Applied Research Laboratory                      Phone: (410) 955-9637
William H. Welch Medical Library                 FAX:   (410) 955-0054
School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
2024 E. Monument Street
Baltimore, MD  21205

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