Macintosh Hypercard herbarium Toolkit

Jim Beach beach at HUH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Feb 10 10:06:40 CST 1993

The Taxacom FTP Server now has available the Herbarium Curator Toolkit (HCT)
Hypercard software package by Carl Lewis, Connecticut College.  A
description of the software is below.

The Taxacom FTP Server can be reached via anonymous FTP at
The HCT program files are in the directory: /pub/software/hct


     HCT is herbarium catalog software for the Macintosh.  It was
written with HyperCard 2.1, and requires HyperCard 2.1 to run. This
is a software package designed to increase the educational value of
herbaria.  As the name suggests, it is a collection of software tools
for the management and effective use of herbaria.  It can store all
information necessary to catalog a single small to medium-sized
herbarium.   HCT was developed during the summer of 1992, to catalog
the George R. Cooley Herbarium, at Colgate University.


     HCT is not a traditional text-based database program.  It has
several methods for navigating through a catalog, using buttons,
pull-down menus, and "HyperText."  This point-and-click navigation is
easy to master, and very powerful.  In addition, versatile sorting,
searching, and printing features are provided. HCT can export data to
tab-delimited text, which can be read by other database software.
Also, it can be configured to only allow certain users to edit the
catalog, using password-security.


     HCT_10.hqx:  This is the complete HCT package.  This copy
                  contains no data, and can be used as a template
                  for building a new catalog.

     HCT_example.hqx:  A copy of HCT containing the first 189
                       specimens in the George R. Cooley Herbarium,
                       at Colgate University.  This is intended to be
                       a demonstration of HCT.

     HCT_manual.txt:  This is the ASCII TEXT version of the manual.
                      If possible, download and print the PageMaker
                      version of the manual instead.

     HCT_manual_PM4.hqx:  This is an extremely useful 26-page manual,
                          in PageMaker 4.0 format.

The files with the ".hqx" ending must be translated with BinHex 4.0,
or a similar translator. On Unix machines, the McVert utility can be

                               Carl Lewis
                      Box 3680, Connecticut College
                          New London, CT 06320

Phone:     (203) 439-3763
BITNET:    celew at conncoll                clewis at colgateu
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