Request for Taxonomic date data.

Alan P. Peterson, M.D. 71500.726 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Feb 15 21:22:38 CST 1993

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        I am investigating the temporal pattern of taxonomic activity.
        This work started as the result of investigations of a database
        I created from Sibley & Monroe's DISTRIBUTION AND TAXONOMY OF

        I have investigated the data in many ways; a simple plot of
        # of species described/year  vs. year produces interesting patterns.

        I have investigated a few other data sets

                (e.g. avian genera erection dates,
                dates of arachnid type specimens in the MCZ,
                new world dragonflies, ...)

                and wish to study to other groups (including plants).


        Data sets with a minimum of 1000 records (greater than 3000 preferred).
        I am particularly interested in taxa whose description spans the period
        1790-1815 (where there seems to be a relative GAP in the number of avian
        citations), but would be interested in hearing of any available


        I am interested to know of taxonomic data sets containing citation dates
        available by modem/email (compuserve or internet) or DOS floppies.

        If you have or know of datasets that might be of interest please
        contact me.


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