New release of DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Wed Feb 10 13:58:32 CST 1993

New versions of the DELTA programs for MS-DOS are now available on the Taxacom
FTP server. The files are in the directory /pub/software/delta/msdos of the
anonymous FTP area at

The distribution package consists of text files *.1st and self-expanding files
*.exe. Download.1st contains this information about downloading the files,
changes.1st contains the revision history of the programs, and delta.1st
describes the procedure for installing the programs on an MS-DOS computer. The
files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the ftp command `binary'.
(Failure to do so will result in the error message `HeaderC Error' when the
.exe files are run.)

Place the files in the directory C:\DELTA on your MS-DOS computer. Then follow
the installation procedure described in delta.1st, but omit the XCOPY command.

The date of this release is 9 February 1993. The changes from the previous
release (15 October 1992) are as follows.


Version 2.06, 16 December 1992. The KEY STATES directive was implemented for
remove non-alphanumeric characters from item names. CHINESE FORMAT was
modified to ensure that punctuation marks are not placed at the beginnings of


Version 2.05, 4 February 1993. The directive CHINESE FORMAT was added. Checks
for control characters in input files were removed. The program now processes
the different forms of the INTKEY SET commands without warning messages. A bug
causing failure to handle nested comments at the start of a line was fixed.


Version 3.03, 4 February 1993. Recall of previous commands was implemented.
The responsiveness during BEST calculation was improved. A command DISPLAY
CONTINUOUS was added. Altering the value of a controlling character does not
now delete the dependent characters if they are consistent with the new value.
Processing of an input file can now be terminated (by Alt+Stop) when an error
occurs. Use of 8-bit ASCII characters (e.g. accented characters) was
implemented. The lower to upper case translation table can be customized in
the help file to allow the use of different code pages. The help file can now
be specified on the DOS command line: INTKEY /h=filename (to allow the use of
different language versions without renaming the help file to INTKEY.HLP). The
indexes in the data files are recreated if any of the keywords do not match
those in the help file. A message was added for displaying the name and
address of the translator of a help file. Various bugs were fixed.


Version 2.01, 5 February 1993. File names are now reported in error messages.
The maximum length of edited lines was increased to 256. The program is now
swapped out of conventional memory when shelling to DOS (the '*' command).
Failure to find a box file specified on the command line now causes exit with
error status 255. The status word `VRSN' was added. Ctrl/C and Ctrl/Break now
cause exit from loops. Various bugs were fixed.


21 December 1992. TO.COM, which replaces TO.BAT, is an enhancement of the MS-
DOS CD command. The line
    SET CDPATH=.;..;\
should be added to AUTOEXEC.BAT (see TO.DOC for more information). TO is a
renamed version of MYCD, by J. Martin Borden (att!granjon!marty or


Version 2.01, 5 February 1993. A driver was added for the HP Deskjet 500.
Enter TYPSET /? at the MS-DOS prompt for a list of options.

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