Angiosperm families - interactive identification, information retrieval

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Thu Feb 11 15:33:27 CST 1993

A revised version of the MS-DOS INTKEY package for angiosperm families
(L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz 1991, The families of angiosperms: automated
descriptions, with interactive identification and information retrieval. Aust.
Syst. Bot., 4, 681-95) is now available on the Taxacom FTP server. The files
are in the directory /pub/software/delta/angio of the anonymous FTP area at

The distribution package consists of text files *.1st, self-expanding files
*.exe, and image files *.gif. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files. angio.1st describes the procedure for installing the
programs on an MS-DOS computer. delta1 at .exe contains the interactive
identification and information retrieval program, intkey.exe (plus conditions
of use, etc.). angio at .exe contains the data and various subsidiary files. The
rest of the files are not essential for running INTKEY, and are in the
subdirectory angio/etc. a at .exe, b at .exe, etc., contain full family descriptions
in English, and are about 1MB in size. *.gif contain image files, and are
about 20MB in size. The files in the subdirectory angio/etc which have changed
since the last release are also available in the directory angio/etc/new. The
files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the ftp command `binary'.
(Failure to do so will result in the error message `HeaderC Error' when the
.exe files are run.)

To install the programs on an MS-DOS computer, place the .exe files in the
directory C:\ANGIO, and the .gif files in the directory C:\ANGIO\PICS. Then
follow the installation procedure described in angio.1st, but omit the COPY

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