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Mon Feb 1 10:51:52 CST 1993

MONTANUS 1.3 is now released

MONTANUS queries DELTA descriptions. Please feel free to spread this software.
It's Freeware.

FTP sites:

I've uploaded it to "" (In the next couple of days, it should be
in "/pub/delta/msdos") and In "/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS".

You can now ftp MONTANUS 1.3 from "".

To do this, first type in (NB// ">" indicates prompt):

> ftp

It should then display this:

Connected to
220 FTP server (Version 1.1(48) Fri Nov 20 10:29:15 CST
 1992) ready.
Name (

You then type in "anonymous" for your user name then press return. It will then
ask you for your password. Your password is your IP address (eg:
nunn at Therefore I would type:

>anonymous (as my username)

>nunn at (as the password)

Once in, goto the "/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS" leaf. To do this type in:


Once there, you then can down load it. To do this type in:

> get mont_13.exe

Montanus will then download in your current directory. Note that "MONT_13.EXE"
is a self extracting executable. execute it to extract the contents, then
READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY, before you do anything.

NOTE/ I might be going away for a couple of days in two days time.

----------------------Jason Nunn (aka JsNO BAR----NUNN)------------------------
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