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In reply to Kates messsage below:

> Date:         Fri, 12 Feb 1993 06:03:19 EST
> Subject:      job posting
> To: Multiple recipients of list TAXACOM <TAXACOM at HARVARDA.HARVARD.EDU>
> I question whether posting a position opening inscribed as a "code" that
> must be cracked really does much of a service for either the posting
> organization or the readers of this or other Bitnet/Internet lists.  The
> job -- to judge from the title -- is one that a student of mine might be
> interested in. But HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD I KNOW??? I would be interested
> to know just how many people on this list have the secret decoding ring?
> Katherine W. McCain                  "bibliometrics R us"
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> College of Information Studies
> Drexel University
> mccainkw at

It is quite obvious that this job posting includes the first step as
part of the selection process.  NYBG obviously have the foresight to
want a UNIX guru - those who did not get past the uudecode are perhaps a
little deficient.  To be fair, they could have made the test a little
more challenging - in future what about a postscript file in compressed
and tar format, maybe with a bit of bin/hex as well?  And there are some
really neat encryption algorithms around...

Joking aside, this points to the need to keep postings to the network as
plain vanilla as possible: 7-bit ascii, no formatting, no control codes, to
make it accessible by the widest audience possible.  If you have fancy
formatting and graphics, postscript works (sort of) but not everyone has
access to a postscript output device, so be sure to post an ascii
version of the text as well.

As the document in question contained an interesting appendage of
biocomputing activities at the NYBG I have taken the liberty of
including the uudecoded version of the announcement.  I note with interest
the commitment to Internet connectivity and the stated intention to place
Index Herbariorum (the red bible - there should be one in every hotel
room) as an internet accessible resource.  More on this and related
topics later.


ps. This sounds like the sort of job that taxacom readers would kill
    for.  Whoever gets it should have a great time!

Announcement follows:



    Title: Manager of Botanical Information Systems
           / Assistant Director of Computer Services

    Department: Computer Services

    Reports To: Director of Financial and Computer Services

    To manage the selection and implementation of the diverse computer
    applications in the Botanical Science Division and especially to lead
    the search for a comprehensive collections management system.  To
    provide primary support for these systems and other UNIX applications
    throughout the Garden.  To manage professional Computer Services staff
    and participate in all Garden wide automation as a leader of the
    Computer Services Department.

    This position will manage the process of selecting and implementing
    all major botanical information systems at the Garden.  Most important
    will be the collaborative development of a complex large scale specimen
    database capable of supporting research access to 5.5 million records
    including textual, geographic, image, and numeric elements.  Interim
    systems must also be developed and supported until a large database
    application can be implemented.

    Support must also be provided for a wide range of Internet functions
    and IBM/PC based applications.  The Internet and large database
    systems will both run under UNIX.

    This position will manage Computer Services Staff working in all other
    areas of the Garden.  In addition to supervisory and management
    responsibilities this position will, with the Director of Computer
    Services, manage the selection and implementation of application
    software in a variety of areas.  The position requires accurate cost
    and schedule estimating as well as the ability to understand diverse
    application areas so that alternative solutions can be evaluated and
    rapidly implemented.

    The qualified candidate must demonstrate strong experience with
    System 5 UNIX.  Five years of work experience which must include
    management of a large database application from design through
    implementation.  The candidate must also be familiar with a variety
    of networks and personal computer applications and must have a strong
    application system design and installation background.  Excellent oral
    and written communications skills are essential and experience
    managing professional staff is a plus.  A college degree with a major
    in Computer Science is required as is at least three years of work
    experience in a UNIX environment.




    What we said:

      1)  Design type specimen register
      2)  Phase 1 of herbarium computerization incl. Flora/G.A.
      3)  Index Herbariorum - on line

    all - for the one low price of $300,000 to:
        - hire and support personnel
        - modify existing software
        - expand use of internet
        - design type specimen register
        - begin collections management system

    What we might do:

     $50,000  Three quarters of Manager Botanical Information Systems for
     one year (incl. fringe)  $50,000 annual salary

     25,000  Half of Frank S. for One Year (incl. fringe)

     50,000  Items Below
         Enhancements to the AREV (or other) packages to become interim
         specimen information systems

         Conversion of data from various packages to new departmental

         Travel - especially to put question of standards to bed and to
         evaluate other potential collections management systems

         Internet expansion including upgrade to leased line access and
         a UNIX host

         Type Specimen Register design via consultants or simply data
         entry on the AREV package

         Data entry support for the Flora of the Greater Antilles or
         other current projects

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