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The following may be of interest to participants of our discussion group
as it has stated aims that are comensurate with, or at least not
antipathetic to those of taxacom and bin21.

The usual cross-posting apologies to those who have received this
messsage already and who will receive it several more times.


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                         CONSERVATION BIOLOGY

   The Conservation Biology List (CONSBIO) is for members of the Society
   for Conservation Biology (SCB) and others interested in the goal and
   objectives of the Society:

      Our goal is to help develop the scientific and technical
      means for the protection, maintenance, and restoration
      of life on this planet - its species, its ecological and
      evolutionary processes, and its particular total

      In the service of this goal, our objectives include: (1)
      the promotion of research and the maintenance of the
      highest standards of quality and ethics in this activity;
      (2) the publication and dissemination of scientific,
      technical, and management information; (3) the
      encouragement of communication and collaboration
      between conservation biology and other disciplines
      (including other biological and physical sciences, the
      behavioral and social sciences,economics, law and philosophy)
      that study and advise on conservation and natural resource
      issues; (4) the education, at all levels, preparatory and
      continuing, of the public, of biologists, and of managers,
      in the principles of conservation biology; (5) the promotion
      of all of the above through the provision of adequate
      funding; and (6) the recognition of outstanding contributions
      made to the field by individuals and organizations.

   The CONSBIO list is maintained by the University of Washington
   Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology.  The list will serve
   to exchange information on SCB activities, job opportunities,
   education programs, and scholarly research.  The list will also serve
   as a forum for discussion of the multidisciplinary aspects of
   conservation biology, the interaction of science and society in
   conservation policy and action, and the relationship between
   maintaining biodiversity and sustainable development.

   We encourage anyone interested in conservation biology and the
   activities of the Society for Conservation Biology to subscribe to
   the list and publicize it widely to others.  Subscription is
   currently open and unmoderated.  When you subscribe, you will get a
   message that confirms your subscription, explains how to use the
   listserver, to retrieve and index and obtain archived materials, how
   to unsubscribe from the list, how to stop your mail when you go on
   vacation, how to hide your subscription if you wish confidentiality,
   how to get a list of open subscribers, and how to obtain a list of
   other commands.

   To subscribe, send mail to the address:

          listserv at (Internet)
          listserv at uwavm (Bitnet)

   With the one-line message:

          subscribe consbio your full name

   for example   subscribe consbio Joan Doe

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