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>                               MONTANUS 1.2b - Announcement
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> Hello All,
>   I was going to announce this in "", but our usenet server has
> been down for over a week. This is probably the wrong place to announce this,
> and I do appolise- I'll be very brief.
>   About 8 months ago, Jason Nunn (me) and ChandraMohan T. set out to make
> a system to replace the DELTA system (written by Mick Dallwitz) in use at the
> Herbarium section of the NT, Conservation Commission in Australia. The users
> here, found DELTA to be very useful, but very un-user friendly. MONTANUS,
> as our system is called, mimics the functions of DELTA: CONFOR & INTKEY, but
> in a user friendly manner.
> The first beta release of MONTANUS is now finished, and will be released next
> week. I am looking for some beta users to test out and see what they think of
> If your are interested, please connect me (on: nunn at
> :Jason Nunn

We are interested in beta-testing your Montanus DELTA application.  Let
us know when the software is available via FTP or similar.

It would be useful if your notes on this could be communicated to the
Australian Herbaria by traditional means (post or the ASBS newsletter).
Only one other Australian non-university herbarium (QRS) has access to
email at the moment, but I hope several others get connected this year.

The council of Heads of Australian Herbaria is extremely supportive of
the use of DELTA for plant descriptive data, and ABRS is in the process
of providing substantial support for its future development, including
the GUI/WIMP interface.  A workshop in Hobart will be discussing future
developments and possibilities for DELTA at the same time as the
'Southern Connections' conference.

The people in the PERTH herbarium have been active in developing
specifications and making front ends for DELTA, and botanists in many
other herbaria are interested in future developments in this area.

As with so many other areas of biological computing it is vitally
important that as many people as possible are informed of current
activities.  I have taken the liberty of sending your taxacom postings
to each of the CHAH herbaria (by fax modem as I hate photocopiers and
envelopes) and to ABRS.  Apologies if this has duplicated other
information channels.

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