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Fri Jan 22 16:28:41 CST 1993

                               TO BETA USERS OF MONTANUS


  - I just managed to complete the user manual in time. In order to
get MONTANUS to you by Friday, I`ve had to rush it. I haven't had a
opportunity to properly proof read it yet, so please excuse an odd spelling

  - Get a cup of tea or a beer, sit down and carefully read ALL documentation
(these include "README.MON", & "MONTANUS.DOC") before you state using MONTANUS.

  - If you think that MONTANUS isn't doing something correctly, consult me.

  - If you wish to talk to me and your really stunk and you feel Email isn't
a good medium, use "talk" to talk to me in real time. I will be able to walk
you through MONTANUS in real time. To activate talk type in:

   > talk nunn at

  - In the distribution, I haven't put Greg Leach's Erio database in there,
as the documentation says. This is because I don't have his permission yet, and
he's way of leave at the moment.

  - If I'm not logged in, you may like to connect one of the other beta users,
who may have solved a problem you have incountered.

the list is:

User                    Address
Zhenqiang Wang          ZWANG2 at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA
Uwe Schwarz             schwarz at
Stephen L. Jury         sbsjury at
Antonio Valdecasas      mcnhv00 at
JOSEPH H. KIRKBRIDE,JR. jkirkbride at
Reginaldo Constantino   REGINALD at OREAD.CC.UKANS.EDU
K. Mat-Salleh           matsalle at
Jim Croft               jrc at
Christopher Meacham     meacham at
Bernard R. Baum         AG190CER at

  - Good Luck! :)

                                 JsNO BAR----NUNN

      "Computer Science students learn how to become computing professionals,
     Business Information Systems students are users learning about themselves"

                            nunn at
     Northern Territory University, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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