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Scanned from Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 72
(September 1992) 23.

International Transfer Format-- an update

At the last executive meeting of TDWG in Washington (March 1992), the
need for a revision of the International Transfer Format (ITF) was
recognized. Recent correspondence with Diane Wyse Jackson
(Information Systems Officer, Botanic Gardens Conservation
International) indicates that the BGCI is "aware that a review [of
ITF] should be initiated, and that [it] is one of the subjects at the
Computer Workshop in RIO during the 3rd International Botanic Garden
Congress." The BGCI is considering "variable length fields,
cultivation methodologies and maintenance programs, plant economic
uses and the need for recording non-typical ex situ collections."

Although Diane assures me that there has been "good interactive
discussion", I suspect that Australians have not played a very large
part in these. There is an urgent need for the review proccss of ITF
to be more public, so that comments can be received from all
interesled parties. I urge all Australian botanic gardens and
herbaria to request active involvement, to ensure that the BGCI does
not forget Ihe "International" in ITF or in BGCI! The address of the
Botanic Gardens Conservation International is:-

    Descanso House,
    199 Kew Road,
    Richmond, Surrey TW9 3BW
    U K .

Barry Conn
TDWG Regional Secretary (Australia)

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