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Fax Copy: Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria
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> From: Jim Beach <beach at HUH.HARVARD.EDU>
> Subject:      ASPT Directory
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> Date:         Tue, 26 Jan 1993 10:54:25 EST
> The membership directory of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists is
> now available on the Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher.
> The directory is key-word searchable on all words, including: name,
> institution and research interests, and includes mail, phone, fax, and
> e-mail information.
> The Gopher is accessible over the Internet from any PC, Macintosh, VMS,
> OS/2, or Unix computer with a direct connection to the Internet.

This is a wonderful idea and will no doubt be a heavily used source of

The Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria is in the final stages of
preparing an index of current taxonomic and systematic research on the
Australian flora (some of you may have already returned the
questionaire - if you haven't, one or two late entries may be possible if
you send me some fast email).  This index will be available as a book
and as a database.

Expect to see it on gopher in a couple of months.  Watch this space...

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