TeX for herbarium specimen labels?

Thu Jan 28 11:28:00 CST 1993

Does anyone out there use TeX (or LaTeX or some other derivative of TeX) to
help produce herbarium specimen labels?

A few years ago I wrote a fairly quick & dirty program in VAX Fortran
that takes specimen data from our input files and produces labels on one of
our HP Laserjet printers.  (I disremember the model number, etc., but the
necessary fonts are on only one of the Laserjets available to me.)  As often
happens with things like this, I now need to tweak the program to handle some
previously unforeseen data combinations.

I hate to send a lot more time down a very platform-specific rathole,
though.  It so happens that in another life I'm learning to use the TeX and
LaTeX typesetting software, and it occurs to me that a system that used TeX
would be a lot easier to maintain and very platform independent.  TeX runs on
a lot of computers and can deal with all the commonly-used printer

Has anyone out there evaluated it for this purpose?

John Gorentz                        bitnet: gorentz at msukbs
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station   internet: gorentz at xerxes.kbs.msu.edu
Michigan State University   USA         or  jgorentz at lternet.edu

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