Taxonomy and bookdealers

Geoff Read read_g at KOSMOS.WCC.GOVT.NZ
Sun Jul 11 16:26:33 CDT 1993

    For alpha taxonomy practitioners. Not a computerization issue but
    Taxacom still seems the best place to start with this query:-

    Ready access to the literature is essential for taxonomic work and
    local libraries probably don't have all you need. So assembling a
    personal library of the important taxonomic monographs of your area of
    interest may be a necessity (with an occasional touch of indulgence).
    Specialist antiquarian and natural history bookdealers are the only
    possibilities for the more ancient works. Locating these people in
    another country is a problem. It would be good to have a country by
    country guide available.

    I've dealt mainly with the English firm of Wheldon & Wesley [*] for my
    topic (Annelida:Polychaeta).  I'd like to know of others who deal by
    post and send out a catalogue, especially those worth contacting in
    North America and  Australia. Reprinters of botanical and zoological
    classics would also be useful to mention. And I vaguely remember a
    natural-history specialist in Holland called, I think, "Antiquariat
    Juunk" (sp?). Does anyone have more details or an address?

    If there are sufficient suggestions I'll edit them into a summary

    [*] WW's e-mail address: 10087.SQQ1328 at

Geoff Read, Wellington, New Zealand, <read_g at>

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