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Wed Jul 7 16:39:30 CDT 1993

     An international network for landscape fire information

Welcome to the FireNet information service.

FireNet as an information service for everyone interested in any aspect
of rural and landscape fires. The information concerns all aspects of
fire science and management - including fire behaviour, fire weather,
fire prevention, mitigation and suppression, plant and animal responses
to fire and all aspects of fire effects.  The service should be of
interest to professional rural and forest fire managers, educators and
trainers, researchers and students working in all aspects of fire,
volunteer fire fighters and organisations, and all rural people
concerned with fire on the land.

The first FireNet node was established in 1993 by Malcolm Gill,
David Green and Chris Trevitt at the Australian National University.


You can access FireNet information in the following ways:

Anonymous FTP
command line       ftp
login name         anonymous
password           your electronic mail address
path               cd pub/landscape_ecology/firenet

Gopher protocol

World Wide Web protocol

For more information about these services contact at


FireNet services include a mailing list for news and discussion.
To subscribe to the FireNet mailing list send an electronic mail
message to the address

             listserv at

include in the line

             subscribe  firenet  <your name>

(e.g.        subscribe  firenet  Fred Bloggs )

To submit an item for public distribution to FireNet subscribers,
send it as an electronic mail message to the address ...

             FireNet at

Remember that ANY message you send to the list will be read by EVERYONE
on the list, so be careful about what you say and how you say it!
AVOID sending messages that are not intended for public distribution.
Send all queries, comments etc to the moderator ...

             Chris.Trevitt at


The first FireNet has been set up at the Australian National University's
Bioinformatics Facility by the following people:

  Malcom Gill     malcolm at
     (CSIRO Plant Industry)

  David Green at
     (ANU Centre for Information Science)

  Chris Trevitt Chris.Trevitt at
     (ANU Forestry Department)

For more information about FireNet contact any of the above people.

For further information about the ANU node contact:

name            Dr David Green

address         Bioinformatics Facility
                Research School of Biological Sciences
                Australian National University
                GPO Box 475
                Canberra 2601 AUSTRALIA

email  at
phone           61-6-249-2490 or 61-6-249-5031
fax             61-6-249-4437

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