New botanical WWW server

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Thu Jul 8 11:51:33 CDT 1993

        |                                                         |
        |   New Biodiversity WWW (World Wide Web) server at the   |
        |   Australian National Botanic Gardens                   |
        |   Canberra                                              |
        |                                                         |

The Australian National Botanic Gardens is pleased to offer a new
World Wide Web server for biodiversity information which has just
been commissioned and released to the Internet.

It has yet to be registered on any of the major WWW sites but can be
picked up from the ANU WWW server at port 80.

The ANBG WWW server can be found at port 80 and there are
two files, index.html and anbg.html, that point to a number of other
files and network information services.  The URLs (Universal Record
Locators ) for these files are:

The former is a terse home page with links to other network resources,
the later is a more narrative account leading to a range of other files
and information servers, essentially a verbose form of the former.

WWW is a hypertext client/server network information retrieval tool
based on linked marked up documents.  Clients exist for a range of
operating environments to allow storage and display of formatted text,
in-line images, sounds, etc.  WWW clients can access gopher, ftp, wais,
news sites and invoke telnet sessions, etc.

If you are not running a local WWW client (like xmosaic, cello, etc.)
public WWW clients (line oriented and screen-oriented vt-100-like) are
available from a number of places and can be picked up from the ANBG
gopher ( port 70) under Other Information Servers.

The focus of the ANBG WWW server is the same as that of the ANBG
biodiversity gopher and in fact has links to all of the ANBG gopher
resources, including the on-line database access and the WAIS indices.
Botanical and biodiversity documents will be marked up and attached to
this server on a regular basis.

With the new ability to integrate text and images, the ANBG will be
making an effort to provide renderings of some of its slide collection
to the network at various resolutions, depending on available disk
space.  Some trial images are available, but files formats are still
being assessed.

As the ANBG WWW resource is still under consruction, it is possible
that the lower level WWW directory structure may change.  For the
time being users are encouraged to limit their links to the two URLs
listed aboove.

For information about the ANBG network information services, send email
requests to:

     webmaster at      World Wide Web
     gophermaster at   Gopher
     postmaster at     Email

Or directly to:

     Jim Croft       ( jrc at )
     Greg Whitbread  ( ghw at )

Jim Croft           [Herbarium CBG]               internet: jrc at
Australian National Botanic Gardens                  voice:  +61-6-2509 490
GPO Box 1777, Canberra, ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA            fax:  +61-6-2509 599
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