GPS for Personal Digital Assistants

Wed Jul 21 09:57:17 CDT 1993

Several months ago there was a discussion on this list of the various
Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers on the market.  This is a
follow-up to that discussion.

According to the July 19, 1993 issue of "Federal Computer Week", a
consortium of AT&T, IBM, GO, PenStuff, and Trimble Navigation has just
introduced an Application Program Interface (API) that will enable the use
of GPS receivers with GO's PenPoint operating system.  PenPoint is the
operating system used on a number of the handheld Personal Digital
Assistants (PDA's), including AT&T's EO.  The article goes on to say that
Trimble Navigation and Socket Communications have introduced a GPS
receiver built into a Personal Computer Memory Card International
Association (PCMCIA) card that will plug into the EO and other portable
computers equipped with a PCMCIA slot.  The receiver sells for $795 (US)
and measures 3.37 x 2.13 x 0.197 inches, with a 2.36 inch antenna.  It's
also configured to accept differential correction signals.

The article discusses a number of target applications for PDAs equipped
with GPS receivers, including the US Forest Service and Census Bureau.

--Gerry Key

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