Taxonomy and bookdealers: SUMMARY

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Sources for out-of-print taxonomic books/monographs

    An international selection of natural history bookdealers who deal by
    mail, send catalogues (aka catalogs ;-), and are likely to have
    taxonomic works. This summary of suggestions from Taxacom list members
    and others is provided in good faith without guarantee or verification.
    Additions, corrections, clarifications welc
omed by Geoff Read at
    read_g at  Compiled July 1993, 210 lines.


    * Messrs Berkelouw Antiquarian Bookdealers
        Hume Highway
        Berrima NSW 2577
        Tel +61-48-77 1370   fax +61-48-77 1102    [+nn = country id nn]
     Occasional catalogues on botany & gardening, science.

    * Andrew Isles Bookshop
        113-115 Greville Street
        Prahran VIC 3181
        Tel +61-3-510 5750   Fax +61-3-529 1256
al catalogues of natural history titles, especially birds. New
     and secondhand

    * Gaston Renard Fine and Rare Books
        GPO Box 5235BB
        Melbourne VIC 3001
        Tel +61-3-417 1044   Fax +61-3-417 3025
     Occasional catalogues on natural history, botany, science.


    * Livraria Kosmos Editora Ltda.
        Rua do Rosario, 155
        20041 Rio de Janeiro, RJ

     "they have always given me honest service. Their specialty is rare
    natural history bo
oks, and they also have a large selection of new
    botany and zoology books."


    * E W Classey Ltd
        PO Box 93
        Faringdon, Oxon SN7 7DR
        Tel +44 36782 399 (24 hr answerphone) Fax +44 36782 429

      "They have separate catalogs of new and used books, and cover many areas
      of natural history."

    * Greyfriars Books & Prints Ltd
        4 Upper Olland Street
        Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1BG
        Tel +44 0986-895600  Fax +44 0986-895777

   * Daniel Lloyd
        "Heather Lea", 4 Hillcrest Avenue
         Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9RD
     Gardening and Botanical Books

    * Natural History Book Service Ltd
        2 Wills Road
        Totnes, Devon TQ9 5XN
       Tel +44 0803 865913  Fax +44 0803 865280
     In-print titles only but worth a mention

     "Very good service on advance notice for forthcoming titles."

    * Wheldon & Wesley Ltd
        Lytton Lodge, Codicote, Hitchin, Herts., SG4 8TE
        Fax +44 0438 821478.
 E-mail 10087.SQQ1328 at
     1/4ly printed catalogue:- "Books on Natural History", 2000 items,
     Botany, Zoology, Geology, Marine, General, Rare Books, etc.

    "The service is very reliable. Tony Swann answers the e-mail and is
    keen to make more use of it (X-400 system - the gateway computer sends
    you one message about a dummy address)."


    * Librarie Cart-Tanneur
        11 bis, rue Vauquelin
        75005 Paris
        Tel +33 43 36 02 85  Fax +33
43 31 86 02


    * Koeltz Scientific Books (see USA branch also)
        P.O. Box 1360
        D-6240 Konigstein/TS
        Tel +49 06174 4492  Fax +49 06174 1643
     In print & 2nd hand

    * Krista Hemmen
        <Address unknown>

    "They specialize in Mollusca (or at least that's the catalogue I
    usually receive) but other invertebrate and invertebrate paleontology
    works are usually included"


    * Antiquariaat Junk B.V.
an Eeghenstraat 129
        1071 GA Amsterdam
        Tel +31-20-6763185  Fax +31-20-6751466

    * Cosmos Antiquarian Books
        P.O. Box 336,
        NL-7200 AH Zutphen
     Natural history specialist

     "They give very good service and have a nice selection."

    * Scientia
        P.O. Box 137
        7200 AC Zutphen
        Fax +31-0-5750-14912


    * Arnold Books
        11 New Regent St, Christchurch
        Tel +64 03 365 7188 Fax +64 03 365 2630.

     Intermittent printed catalogues separate for each natural history
     topic. Specialists in Ornithology, Botany and Antarctica.

     "Their last invertebrate catalogue was 400+ items. Apparent recipients
     of the defunct Museum library, Royal Society of New Zealand."


    * Noriko I Ciochon
        Natural History Books
        1025 Keokuk Street
        Iowa City IA 52240
     Out of Print and Rare Fine Natural History Books

      "The catalog I have say
s Ornithology, Herpetology, Mammalogy,
        Naturalist's Travels and Exploration, Evolutionary Biology
        and Darwin; no invertebrates as far as I can tell"

    * Koeltz Scientific Books (U.S. also German branch)
        RR 7, Box 39
        Champaign IL 61821
        Tel +1 (217)355-1704  Fax +1 (217)355-9413

    * Patricia Ledlie Bookseller, Inc.
        One Bean Road, P.O. Box 90
        Buckfield, Maine  04220
        Tel/Fax +1 (207)336-2778
     Natural Science, Conservation Bi
ology books

    * Natural History Books
        1025 Keokuk Street
        Iowa City, Iowa 52240

    * Richard E. Petit
        P.O. Box 30,
        North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
        Tel +1 803-249-1651

       "specialist in Mollusca but knowledgeable in all areas"

    * Larry Price Books
        353 N.W. Maywood Dr.
        Portland, Oregon 97210-3333
        Tel +1 (503)221-1410

    * Raymond M. Sutton, Jr.
        430 Main Street
        Williamsburg, Kentucky 40769 (or is
 it 40469)
        Tel +1 (606)549-3464  Fax +1(606)549-3469
     Separate catalogues for invertebrates and others

    * Gary Wayner, Bookseller
       Route 3, Box 18
       Fort Payne, Alabama 35967-9501
       Tel +1 (205)845-7828  Fax +1 (205)845-2070

    * Elizabeth Woodburn, Books
       Booknoll Farm  P.O. Box 398
       Hopewell, N.J.  08525
       Tel +1 (609)466-0522


    * F.Fluck-Wirth
        International Book Sellers
        CH-9053 Teufen

  Tel +41 071-33-1687  Fax +41 071-33-1664
     In print & 2nd hand

    * IDC (= Inter Documentation Company AG)
        Poststrasse 14
        6300 Zug

     Not a bookdealer but: "The best source of ancient literature. They
    provide microfiche editions that, coupled with machines that can print
    xerox copies, give cheap access to expensive originals."

    Geoff Read, Wellington, New Zealand <read_g at kosmos.wcc.>
    With thanks to Joseph Kirkbride, Warren Kovach, Gustavo Romero, Barry
    Roth, Rusty Russell, Margaret Thayer, Catherine Jordan, and especially
    to Judy Warnement.

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