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Karsten Hartel hartel at MCZ.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Mar 2 10:59:21 CST 1993

The Spring 1990 issue of the American Society of Ichthyologists and
Herpetologist's CURATION NEWSLETTER deals with both wet paper availability
and laser printing for wet labels.  Issues of the newsletter are
distributed to many fish and herp collections.

In summary: 1) Byron Weston Resistall paper is available in various
quantities and sizes from University Products PO Box 101 517 Main St.
Holyoke MA 01041. 1-800-628-1912.

2) There are long term problems with using laser printing in alcohol.
With abrasion and possible chemical reaction fish fish oils the major
problem.  In the articles Linda Syms (MNHEN003 at SIVM) USNM and Doug Nelson
UMMZ outline some of the problems.  To maintain archival integrity a
secondary tag (embossed or good ink) must be used along with laser labels.
Karsten E. Hartel
  Curatorial Associate, Fishes
  hartel at mcz.harvard.edu

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