Peter Wilson wilsonp at MOBOT.MOBOT.ORG
Wed Mar 3 09:05:27 CST 1993

> I would like to locate an on-line or public electronic world place name
> gazetteer that can be searched for key words.  This would be for use in
> tracking down obscure placed on specimen labels.  Or for finding latitude
> or longtude for not so obscure places.  I know of the USGS place names and
> zip codes already on gopher but I want the WORLD!  ANY IDEAS?
> Karsten E. Hartel
>   Curatorial Associate, Fishes
>   hartel at mcz.harvard.edu
>   (617)495-2477
I have learned there is a project underway to create such a gazetteer, but it
will not be complete for two years or so. The responsibility is distributed
between CIA, DMA, and USGS .. each has a number of countries assigned to it.
I believe it is being coordinated by the, Geographic Names Board of the US,
within the Department of the Interior. I have the name of a contact but haven't
followed through on it yet.. I will try again today and get back if I discover
anything more. If anybody else knows anything I would be very interested in
hearing from them.

Peter D. Wilson
Missouri Botanical Garden
wilsonp at mobot.org

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