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Fri Mar 12 09:50:00 CST 1993

 ********************************    NT-25    ********************************
 ***************    Classification Society of North America    ***************

This year, for the first time, the Numerical Taxonomy Group (NT) and the
Classification Society of North America (CSNA) will hold back to back meetings
at one location.  Participants may register for either meeting alone or both
meetings together.  Those attending both meetings will be charged a reduced
joint registration fee.

The 25th International Numerical Taxonomy Conference will be held June 25-27
at the University of Pittsburgh.  The meeting will begin with a joint CSNA/NT
banquet on Friday evening, June 25.  Saturday, June 26, there will be a
jointly sponsored symposium followed by the NT Business Meeting.  The meetings
will conclude with a morning symposium and afternoon contributed paper session
on Sunday, June 27.

NT Program:

      Friday, June 25
            Joint CSNA/NT banquet

      Saturday, June 26
            Joint CSNA/NT Symposium - Morphometrics, organized by
            F. James Rohlf
                  "Statistical Analysis of Shape Using Partial Warp Scores"
                     F. James Rohlf
                  "Statistical Analysis of Shape in Biological Data"
                     Colin Goodall
                  "The Geometric Sources of Morphometric Information:
                   Landmarks, Outlines, and Deformation"
                     Fred L. Bookstein
            Business Meeting

      Sunday, June 27
            Symposium - Perspectives on the Role and Impact of Numerical
            Taxonomy, organized by Richard Jensen
                  "Numerical Taxonomy in Ecology"
                     Pierre Legendre, University of Montreal
                  "Numerical Taxonomy in Species/Population Level Studies"
                     Timothy Dickinson, Royal Ontario Museum
                  "Numerical Taxonomy in Evolutionary Classification"
                     George Estabrook, University of Michigan
                  "Thirty Years of Numerical Taxonomy"
                     Peter Sneath, University of Leicester
            Contributed Paper Session

Highlights of the CSNA Program:

      Anniversary Keynote by Robert R. Sokal
            "Classification: Our First Twenty-Five Years"
      Probability Models for Random Graphs, organized by David Banks,
            Carnegie Mellon University
      Invited session on Neural Networks and Classification
            "Perfomance Bounds for Neural Network Estimation and
               Classification," Andrew Barron, Yale
            "Clustering and Classification with Extensions of LVQ,"
               James C. Bezdek, University of West Florida
            "Binary Classification Using a Gaussian Mixture Approximation,"
               Arthur Nadas, IBM Research
      Invited Talks
            "Admissibility of Lance and Williams Clustering Algorithms,"
               John W. Van Ness, University of Texas at Dallas
            "Reticulate Models for Evolution,"
               John A. Hartigan, Yale
            "Perspectives of Consensus Sequences Based on Plurality Rule,"
               William H. Day, Memorial University of Newfoundland
      Software Environments
            "Interactive Clustering and Classification,"
               Daryl Pregibon, AT&T Bell Laboratories
            "A Software Environment for Cluster Analysis,"
               Laszlo Engelman and Leland Wilkinson, Systat Inc.

      Short Course
            "Multivariate Density Estimation: Theory, Practice and
               Visualization," David W. Scott, Rice University

FEES (preliminary figures subject to minor modification):

Registration          CSNA         NT-25       BOTH

 CSNA/NT members       $90          $45        $110
 Non-members          $120          $45        $150
 Students              $40          $25        $60

Short Course

 CSNA/NT members       $70
 Non-members          $100
 Students              $50

Banquet                $30/ticket

For registration forms, information about housing and travel, or information
about the CSNA meeting, contact Mrs. Susan Strauss, Department of Information
Science, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA  15260; Telephone 412-624-
9424; FAX 412-624-5231; E-mail strauss at

For information about NT-25, or to submit an abstract for the NT-25
contributed paper session, contact Richard Jensen, Department of Biology,
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN  46556; Telephone 219-284-4674;
FAX 219-284-4716; E-mail fnpfr3 at


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