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       Announcement of the 2nd Circular and Call for Papers

       /--\                    ================================
        ||    ...                 Molecular Graphics Society
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    \ /    \. ... :                 12th Annual Conference
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        ||                        Interlaken, June 8-11, 1993
       /--\                             SWITZERLAND

   Molecular Graphics and the Design of Bioactive Compounds

Theme of the Conference

The 12th Annual Conference of the Molecular Graphics Society will focus
on the Methods and Results in the Computer Aided Design of Bioactive
Molecules, with emphasis on the crucial role which Molecular Graphics
plays in the visualization and interpretation of data in this field.

The Conference sessions will be centered around the following four
general topics

1) Molecular Design (methodology and applications, two sessions)

2) Structure-Guided Design:     (a) based on X-ray crystallography
                                (b) based on NMR spectroscopy

3) Databases: Use and Applications

4) Structure-Property Correlations

Scientific Programme

The topic of the conference, "Molecular Graphics and the Design of
Bioactive Compounds" has been divided into six half-day sessions, each
covering a particular subtopic which is opened by a main lecture followed
by a number of selected oral presentations. A long lunch breack is
scheduled to enable participants to visit the scientific poster session
and the commercial software/handware exhibition.

Monday, June 7
afternoon                       Registration

evening                 Opening of Conference and Welcome Address
                        H.P. Weber, chairman of the Organizing  Committee

                        Opening Lecture:
                        Molecular Graphics and Structure Design
                        K. M|ller, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel (CH)

                        Welcome Cocktail

Tuesday, June 8
morning                 Session 1: Molecular Design I

                        Main Lecture: 3D Models of Dopamine, Adrenaline,
                        Serotonine, Acetycholine and Mammalian Opsine
                        Marcel Hibert, Marion Merell Dow, Strasbourg (F)

afternoon               Session 2: Structure-Property Correlations

                        Main lecture: Hydrophobic Interactions and CoMFA
                        using HINT
                        D.J. Abraham, Virginia Commonwealth University,
                        Richmond VA (USA)

Wednesday, June 9
morning                 Session 3: Structure-Based Design (using NMR and
                                related methods)

                        Main Lecture: At Last Coupling Constants Again -
                        Structure and Dynamics of Peptides and Proteins
                        by NMR and MD Calculations
                        H. Kessler, Technische Universitdt, M|nchen (D)

afternoon               Conference Excursion,
                        Poster and Commercial Exhibition (optional)

Thursday, June 10
morning                 Session 4: Structure-Based Design (using X-ray

                        Main Lecture: Protein Structure and Drug Design
                        T.L. Blundell, Birkbeck College, London (UK)

afternoon               Session 5: Databases

                        Main Lecture: The Information Explosion: How Can we
                        P. Murray-Rust, Glaxo Research, Greenford (UK)

evening                 Conference Dinner

Friday, June 11
morning                 Session 6: Molecular Design II

                        Main Lecture: CAVEAT, TRIAD, and ILIAD
                        P. Bartlett, University of California, Berkeley,
                        CA (USA)

                        Closing Lecture: Computer Simulations of
                        Biomolecules: Improvements in Methodology for
                        Searching Conformational Space and Prediction of
                        Molecular Properties
                        W. van Gunsteren, ETH, Z|rich (CH)

afternoon               Closing of Conference and Farewell Drink

A commercial exhibition of relevant hardware and software will be
organized and accessible during the Conference.

Scientific Advisory Board       Organizing Committee

Hoeltje H.D., Berlin            Breckenridge R., Basel
Karplus M., Harvard             Doelz R., Basel
Mueller K., Basel               Karfunkel H., Basel
Richards G., Oxford             Van de Waterbeemd H., Basel
Silvestre J., Lyon              Weber H.P., Basel (Chairman)
Thornton J., London
Tollenaere J., Beerse
Weber J., Geneva

Attendance and Call for Contributions

Please indicate your interest in attending the Conference and to present
a paper by requesting the application form from the conference secretariat

12th Annual Conference of the MGS            P.O. Box 6, Clarastrasse 57
CH-4005 Basel, Switzerland                   Tel. ++41-61-691 51 11
                                             Fax. ++41-61 691 81 89

(Deadline for Abstracts: March 31, 1993)

Location and Date of the Conference

Interlaken is located in the beautiful alpine Bernese Oberland, nested
between the two lovely lakes of Thun and Brienz in breathtaking proximity
of the majestic Jungfrau massive. The well equipped Congress Center of
Interlaken will be the place of the Conference activities.

The Conference activities will start in the evening of Monday, June 7,
1993, and proceed until Friday noon, June 11, 1993.


The official language of the Conference will be English. No facilities
for translation or interpretation will be available.

Accommodation and Social Events

Interlaken, a traditional alpine health resort, offers a choice of
accommodation at various tariffs. A half-day Excursion and a Conference
dinner are planned, as well as a programme for accompanying persons.

Official carrier: Swissair

You are recommended to check with Swissair or your local travel agent for
the best flight arrangements for this period. Swissair offices round the
world will assist you with your travel arrangements.

Further Information

If you did not receive the second circular, which was sent out early
February, 1993, please contact the conference secretariat at the
address given below. The second circular includes registration,
abstract and hotel reservation form.

12th Annual Conference of the MGS
P.O. Box 6, Clarastrasse 57
CH-4005 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. ++41-61-691 51 11, Fax. ++41-61 691 81 89

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