Come to Queensland, July 1994.

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Thu Mar 18 11:51:29 CST 1993

           Australian Systematic Botany Society Symposium

                     in Association with the
                 Australian Bryological Study Group


                           4-6 July
                   Lake Tinaroo Recreation Camp
                 Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

    Initial Announcement and call for expressions of interest

    An Australian Systematic Botany Society Symposium is to be held
    from the 4 - 6 July 1994 at Lake Tinaroo Recreation Camp on
    the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia.

    The theme for the symposium will be the Origin and Evolution
    of the Flora of the Monsoon Tropics. It is hoped to attract
    contributions from Australian and overseas researchers on
    topics such as systematics, evolution, pollination, dispersal
    and biogeography of tropical plant groups. The response so far
    has been excellent.  On day two of the symposium, invited
    speakers will address selected topics in the field.

    The Australian bryological study group plan to hold a workshop
    in association with this symposium. A session on cryptogamic
    botany will be included in the general symposium program. A
    bryological workshop will also be held in conjunction with the
    symposium. A number of short excursions will be made to a
    range of bryophyte habitats. Microscopes will be available for
    study of the material collected.

    If there is sufficient interest a three day post-symposium
    field trip will be held from 7-9 July. This will follow a
    circular route from Tinaroo to Cooktown via Cape Tribulation,
    then travel to Laura via the Battle Camp Road traversing the
    Normanby River sandstones and the southern end of Lakefield
    National Park before returning to Cairns by the Peninsula
    Development Road via Lakeland Downs. A wide range of tropical
    plant communities will be seen.

    The symposium and bryological workshop will be held at the
    Tinaroo Recreation Camp, situated on the Atherton Tableland
    about 100 km southwest of Cairns and 21 km northeast of
    Atherton. It is close to rainforest, open-forest and woodland
    communities. Accommodation at very low rates is available at
    the recreation camp, mainly in open dormitories, however for
    those who prefer more comforts, motels and hotels are available.

    A social program is planned which will include an exhibition
    of the botanical works of several artists associated with
    north Queensland and a symposium dinner.

    If you would like further information please contact either
    John Clarkson, Queensland Herbarium, Mareeba Office, PO Box
    1054, MAREEBA, Q 4880; or Betsy Jackes at Botany Department,
    James Cook University, Townsville, Q 4811, e-mail jackes at

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