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Mark Stowe <mks at ZOO.UFL.EDU> wrote:

>P.S. I have taken a detailed look at Microsoft Access, and it appears to be
>a Windows program with all the power of 4D plus some unique powerful
>features all its own.  It looks like it is much better designed and
>therefore easier to use than 4D.  It also has a much more elegant language
>that treats related entities in a more parallel fashion, unlike 4D where
>every command is so different that I have to go to the reference manual
>every time to look up the operand order and the 'gotchas' - all the
>peculiar combinations of circumstances where things don't work.  Lot's of
>companies are jumping on the bandwagon to support the program which will
>supposedly eventually have links to Word and Excel.  It also has an
>introductory price of $99.  I am almost tempted to buy a PC just to get the
>advantages of Access (which they emphatically say they have no plans of
>releasing in a Mac version).

If you have a Mac and thinking about moving to Windows later on, try
Microsoft FoxPro Ver 2.5 For Windows instead. Your data will be inter-
changeable between the two platforms, because both systems have Foxes
and Fox data is compatible with grand old dBase. We got The Fox for Win
for US$107 plus tax (4% in Michigan).

It is very easy to use, and we are talking about moving our LABELS3 and other
in house dBASE .prg to Fox. This is no toy though, but it is easy enough for
non-programers to build applications using built-in compilers. Not to
mention generous online help.

The other MAC dbms that is catching up in Win platform is Filemaker Pro.
This popular MAC software is claimed to have complete compatibility
between the two worlds.

So for your initial questions:

>1)  Does anyone know of hardware that will conveniently print (from a
>computer) small labels which are of archival quality and which can be
>submerged in alcohol?
>2) Does anyone know of any widely used collection management programs other
>than BioQuip's FilemakerPro-based Collection Manager?

There was a discussion in TAXACOM before about archival quality
of printouts that covers labels for your type of collection.  All you need
is suitable printer and papers. Consult Jim Beach if we have that discussion
saved somewhere.
On software side, I think in this case, if you don't want to build your own,
go to Filemaker's BioQuip. This would guarantee compatibility with PCs
later on if you decided to move out of macs. Else try FoxPro and
modify several .prg collection programs available in both worlds.

Disclaimer: I am not Microsoft employer, agent, or promotor. Just a
satisfied Win3.1 user.


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