Taxonomy of sedges

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> Subject: Taxonomy of sedges
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> If there are taxonomists working on Cyperaceae, please would they
> be so kind as to supply me with their EMail addresses so that I
> could communicate with them.
There are heaps of sedgeophiles in the world, but not many have email
access.  Try Wayt Thomas at New York (wthomas at and Jeremy Bruhl
at Armidale, Australia (jbruhl at

> I would also appreciate EMail addresses of staff working in
> herbaria.
If you have not done so already, you should subscribe to Jane Mygatt's
Plant Taxonomists On-line (PTO) - send an email message to Jane at
jmygatt at or jmygatt at unmb.bitnet and receive a long list of
botanists names adresses, fax number, telephone numbers and email
addresses, plus a list of herbaria with email access.

> Jane Browning
> Natal University Herbarium (NU), Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I have a list of Australian botanical/biological contants that I will
send shortly after a little tidying up.

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