BMNH List of E-mail Users, Feb. 22, 1993

David Bridge, MSC VAX System Manager DAVID at SIMSC.SI.EDU
Sun Mar 28 16:28:20 CST 1993

Brian Pitkin of The Natural History Museum or British Museum (Natural
History) has sent me a complete list of BMNH staff on E-mail, as of
Feb. 22, 1993.  There are more than two hundred people on the list from
the following organizational units:

    Botany                     28 people
    Dept. of Library Services  18
    Dept. of Public Services   16
    Directorate                 9
    Entomology                 39
    Finance                    14
    Mineralogy                 11
    Palaeontology              19
    Zoology                    51

The BMNH uses an Internet style E-mail addressing (but they are really
part of the JANET network in the UK).  I feel that the complete list is
too long to post to the various lists.  Therefor, anyone who would like
a copy of the list can use the "ftp service" to retrieve it from
host:  user:  anonymous    Change directory to: museums
and get file:  BMNH.LIST930222

If YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT USE the ftp service; then send me a personal
E-mail at the address below.  Please donot send your request to the LIST.

Brian and I exchanged four messages in one day this past week.
Much faster than snail mail !!

David Bridge
Museum Support Center               BITNET:  David at simsc
Smithsonian Institution           Internet:  David at

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