New release of DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Fri May 14 10:07:17 CDT 1993

New versions of the DELTA programs for MS-DOS are now available by anonymous
ftp from the following Internet hosts.        (directory: /pub/software/delta/msdos)        (directory: /pub/delta/msdos)   (directory: /delta/msdos)

The Internet distribution package consists of text files *.1st and
self-expanding files *.exe. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files, changes.1st contains the revision history of the
programs, and delta.1st describes the procedure for installing the programs on
an MS-DOS computer. The files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the
ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in the error message
`HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

Place the files in the directory C:\DELTA on your MS-DOS computer. Then follow
the installation procedure described in delta.1st, but omit the XCOPY command.

The date of this release is 12 May 1993. The changes from the previous
release (9 February 1993) are as follows.


19 April 1993. The sample data were replaced by a new set, generated from the
current version of Watson's Grass Genera of the World.


10 May 1993. See DOC.1ST for procedures for typesetting and printing
documentation. Drafts of Edition 4 of the User's Guide and Edition 3 of the
Primer are included with the distribution. Comments are requested.


19 April 1993. A French version of INTKEY is now available, invoked by INTKEYF
INTKEYF.INI. The INTKEY commands themselves have not been translated, so that
command-input files, particularly INTKEY.INI files, can usually be run without
translation. (The sample INTKEYF.INI differs from INTKEY.INI only in that
function key F1 is defined as Alt+Aide instead of Alt+Help.) The commands
could be translated if required. Please send comments to Taxacom, or to the
translator, Pierre-Andre' Loizeau, Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la
Ville de Gene`ve C.P. 60, CH-1292 Chambe'sy/Gene`ve, Suisse. Phone +41 22 732
69 69. Fax +41 22 738 45 97. Internet loizeau at


Version 2.07, 21 April 1993. Character ranges were implemented in the
CHARACTER NOTES and CHARACTER IMAGES directives. The effect of the REPLACE
SEMICOLON BY COMMA directive was modified to omit the comma before `or'. The
FORMATTING MARKS directive was extended to allow different formatting of
character notes in three contexts, and the default formatting of character
notes was changed. An option for NEXUS FORMAT was added to the TRANSLATE INTO
directive. A directive NUMBER STATES FROM ZERO was added. Several error
messages were improved. Various bugs were fixed.


Version 2.06, 21 April 1993. The handling of CHARACTER NOTES/IMAGES was
changed to conform to the CONFOR changes. The directive NEW LINE FOR
ATTRIBUTES was added, to output each attribute of an item on a new line (to
facilitate file comparisons). ERRORLEVEL is now set on abnormal termination.
The maximum number of files which can be reformatted was increased to 100.


Version 3.04, 6 May 1993. A French translation is now available (see above).
The command DISPLAY KEYWORDS was added. When DISPLAY KEYWORDS is OFF, the
display does not pause at keyword menus, but goes directly to the default
character or taxon menu. The keywords SELECTED and LAST (which had not been
implemented), were removed from the menus. The name of an image file to be
displayed when the program starts can now be specified on the command line:
INTKEY /i=filename.gif. Options were added to the DISPLAY IMAGES command.
Continuous display of images was implemented (via DISPLAY CONTINUOUS ON or
Ctrl/End). Image display for the VESA standard was implemented, and the
UNIVESA driver (written by Kendall Bennett, Internet kjb at was
added to the distribution. Various bugs were fixed. For translators of
INTKEY.HLP: an escape character | was implemented to allow the use of @, !,
and ? in messages in the file MESS.INT; e.g. loizeau|


Version 2.04, 21 April 1993. An ADD CHARACTER NUMBERS directive was
implemented, to insert character numbers in bracketted keys.


Version 2.02, 23 April 1993. Status words SVER (operating-system version) and
PVER (the version of TED) were added. 'R now gives a soft failure when issued
at the end of a line. An apostrophe modifier for the C command was implemented
to check for the existence of a file without copying it to the workspace. 'C
and M were modified to work with directory names, indicated by a final \ (e.g.
'C;DOC\; M;\DELTA\TEST\;). Swapping out of conventional memory when shelling
to DOS now uses the SPAWNO library, written by Ralf Brown. Handling of
Ctrl/Break and DOS 'critical' errors was improved.


Version 2.02, 14 April 1993. The default values in some of the font files were
changed. A program TPAGE is now available to set up the font files for
American Quarto paper. Bugs in the /FROM and /TO options were corrected.

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