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Fri May 21 16:29:44 CDT 1993

> To all:
> I came across an e-mail address for an individual at the Komarov
> Botanical Institute (LE) who appears willing to pass along messages.
> He is Dr. Vladimir Razzhivin ( binran at )
> Best wishes,
> Rusty Russell

* but beware this solicitation:

From: Dave Caulkins <dcaulkins at>

Dear Friend:

You recently sent one or more messages to a user on GlasNet in
Russia, or to a system served by GlasNet.

I am a member of the Board of Directors of GlasNet, and I am
writing to explain the challenge we have in maintaining the
GlasNet service.  I hope to enlist your support in addressing
this challenge so that people all over the Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS; former Soviet Union) can benefit from
low-cost computer communications.

Maintaining communications between GlasNet and the rest of the
Internet community costs money.  The Institute for Global
Communications (IGC) runs PeaceNet and EcoNet in the United
States and maintains the connection between GlasNet and the rest
of the world.  IGC is a small non-profit entity, and is not
funded by any US or CIS government sources.  Internet connections
are not yet available in the CIS, so GlasNet's connection to the
CIS costs IGC about $0.40 per message sent to GlasNet, including
those to systems in the .su domain that are served by GlasNet.

We don't have any mechanism for recovering these costs from the
general Internet community, so subscribers to PeaceNet & EcoNet
bear the brunt of the the communications costs.  This is not
really fair.

We think GlasNet is providing a useful service.  If you agree,
and if you intend to continue using these connections, I urge you
to contribute what you can.  We would be delighted by a
contribution of any amount!  If the contributions we get in this
way are large enough we hope to avoid any interruption of
connections from outside PeaceNet and EcoNet.

Please make your contribution payable to:
    -- The Tides Foundation, IGC/GlasNet Project --

And send it to:
   18 de Boom Street, 1st Floor
   San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
   ATTN: GlasNet Communications Fund

Your contribution to the project is tax-deductible!

If you would like to do more, you can also sponsor a CIS
organization's use of GlasNet, by giving $25 per month.  This
provides one account on GlasNet for an organization or individual
in the CIS, free of all costs for domestic services in the CIS.

I welcome any comment you may have.

Thank you very much!


Dave Caulkins
dcaulkins at

* Does anybody have experience or more information on this organization?

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