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Adriano Cesar da Silva adriano at BDT.FTPT.BR
Fri May 7 09:27:36 CDT 1993

Dear Everybody,

I am a microbiology student working here on information systems and I'd
like to get hold of software for bacterial identification for the PC. At
FTPT bacteria are identified by traditional methods of simple
morphological and biochemical tests (eg. assimilation/fermentation of
sugars). I would like software which performs identifications with these
data, using a database which is supplied with the software. However, I'm
not having much luck in finding appropriate software!

I have already looked at systems such as GDE, Montanus and Delta which
are more concerned with constructing taxonomic keys. Other software are
concerned with numerical analysis of data (eg. PC Taxon). One software
which seemed promising was MICRID, but the version I have is rather old
and incomplete (ca. 1985).

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your attention

Campinas, 07/05/93   09:30 am


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