Sedge Genera of the World - INTKEY Package

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Thu May 27 11:35:23 CDT 1993

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                 Sedge Genera of the World - INTKEY Package
                         Downloading from Internet

                                24 May 1993

                              Jeremy J. Bruhl

      Department of Botany and Herbarium NE, University of New England
                        Armidale, NSW 2351, Australia
   Phone +61 67 73 2429  Fax +61 67 73 3283  Internet jbruhl at

An MS-DOS INTKEY package providing interactive identification and information
retrieval for the genera of sedges (Cyperaceae) is available by anonymous ftp
from the following Internet hosts.

     Host                   Directories
     --------------------   --------------------------------------        /pub/software/delta/sedge  (data)
                            /pub/software/delta/sedge/etc  (other)
                            /pub/software/delta/msdos  (program)        /pub/delta/sedge  (data)
                            /pub/delta/sedge/etc  (other)
                            /pub/delta/msdos  (program)   /delta/sedge  (data)
                            /delta/sedge/etc  (other)
                            /delta/msdos  (program)

The distribution package consists of text files *.1st and self-expanding files
*.exe. Download.1st contains this information about downloading the files.
sedge.1st describes the procedure for installing the programs on an MS-DOS
computer. sedge at .exe contains the data and various subsidiary files. The files
a at .exe, b at .exe, etc., contain full descriptions in English; they are not
essential for running INTKEY, and are in the subdirectory sedge/etc. All the
files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the ftp command `binary'.
(Failure to do so will result in the error message `HeaderC Error' when the
.exe files are run.)

If you do not already have the latest version of the interactive
identification and information retrieval program, INTKEY, you will need to
obtain the file delta1 at .exe from the delta/msdos subdirectory. This file
contains INTKEY.EXE and its documentation.

To install the programs on an MS-DOS computer, place the files in the
directory c:\sedge. Then follow the installation procedure described in
sedge.1st, but omitting the COPY commands.

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